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The Probability Beyond

In the emerging era dominated by AI, the Metaverse, NFT technology, and web3, the conventional beliefs about art and human creativity are being challenged. Project Here/After The Art gives voice to renowned creators from diverse backgrounds across the world to expand boundaries and envision the future of art.

Unique creations, visions, and insight will be sealed in smart contract-controlled time capsules. These NFTs will be minted unrevealed for a single uniform price. At that point it is time for a critical choice of each holder whether to reveal time capsule publicly or preserve its enigmatic allure, intensifying anticipation and augmenting its inherent value. Yet, this decision carries an element of risk, for all capsules are destined to be revealed automatically and randomly in a span of 1 - 5 years.

Here/After The Art encourages artists, collectors, and art theorists in a shared pursuit to explore the very definition of art and its profound impact as it is now and for the hereafter.

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Distinguished Artists

The following artists represent an array of skills and accomplishments across a spectrum of possibilities. This project unites them with a common goal to make predictions on the future of art. A 1/1 NFT by each artist will be featured within collection mint in Autumn 2024.

Sasha Stiles

Sasha Stiles is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, literary artist, AI researcher, and author of the “instant techno-classic” Technelegy, as well as co-founder of theVERSEverse. A pioneer of algorithmic authorship, blockchain poetics and publishing innovation, Stiles became the first writer to bring AI-powered literature to a major auction house when her poem, “COMPLETION: When it’s just you,” sold at Christie’s in 2022. Recent honors include a Future Art Award, nominations for the Forward Prize, Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, and finalist status for the Christopher Smart Prize and Palette Emerging Poet Prize. Stiles has been invited to speak at Art Basel, The Brooklyn Museum, SXSW, Digilogue Istanbul, the Ai4 Summit, Miami Art Week, NFT.NYC and VCA Invites: London, and has exhibited at venues around the globe including Annka Kultys Gallery, Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Art Cologne, SuperRare Gallery, SCOPE Art Show, Superchief Gallery, the Carousel de Louvre, New York Fashion Week, the billboards of Shibuya, Tokyo, virtual Times Square, and elsewhere. A graduate of Harvard and Oxford, Stiles has served as Poetry Mentor to the humanoid android BINA48 since 2018, and lives near New York City with her husband and studio partner, Kris Bones.

Sasha Stiles



Lagos-based visual artist, Osinachi pushes boundaries by creating art entirely within Microsoft Word. His work explores personal experiences within a technological environment, and touches on social issues like LGBTQ+ rights, equality, and conservation. It has been exhibited at renowned galleries like Kate Vass Galerie, Galerie Nagel Draxler, and Room57 Gallery, among others; and fairs like Art X Lagos, 1-54 and Art Basel, alongside collaborations with prestigious auction houses like Bonhams and Christie's – some of these collaborations marking historic moments in art.

In 2023, he was involved in MoMA’s “Postcard” project. Same year, he completed a groundbreaking digital artist-in-residence program at the Toledo Museum of Art, further bridging the gap between traditional and digital art forms. His work can be seen in the collection of the museum as well as the collection of the Buffalo AKG Art Museum.

In 2021, Osinachi co-curated the first digital art exhibition at Art X Lagos and onboarded over 70 African artists onto a major digital art marketplace in 2022. His dedication extends to speaking at events like Forbes Under30, Africa Investment Forum, the Milken Institute Global Conference, and Christie's Art+Tech Summit, solidifying his position as a leading voice in the art world. He was named one of 100 Most Influential Africans for 2022 by New African Magazine; and just recently, one of 2024 most influential people of African descent by MIPAD.



Emi Kusano

Emi is Tokyo-based multidisciplinary artist, who employs AI to explore the intersections of retro-futurism and modern technological acceleration. By merging past and future aesthetics she challenges our perceptions of art and technology. 

Her unique AI-infused art has graced the cover of WWD Japan and been featured in Christie's and Gucci auctions. Internationally recognized, her work has been exhibited at venues such as the Saatchi Gallery and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, and has been collected in more than a dozen countries around the world.

Emi is co-founder of Web3 Anime Project Shinsei Galverse, CEO of Fictionera Co., Ltd. and co-director of Wagami Labs Co., Ltd. In addition to her visual arts career, Emi is the lead singer and self-producer for Satellite Young, a band that creatively reinterprets 80s J-POP styles through a modern, technologically-driven, sci-fi lens. This innovative approach has garnered international recognition, including an appearance at SXSW 2017, and extends their creativity to installations.

Emi's work was exhibited among others at Art Basel Miami 2023 (Ferena Forum), Long Live London (Saatchi Gallery), or "Christie's 3.0 presents Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion in collaboration with Gucci" (Rockefeller Center). 

Emi Kusano


Ivona Tau

Dr Ivona Tau is a generative A.I. artist from Vilnius, Lithuania who works with neural networks as a medium in experimental photography and motion painting. Her goal is to find and evoke emotions through artificially intelligent tools, this way making them more human.  She was awarded the best award in the Digital Ars 2020 contest for art created with AI, Computer Animation category award in Computer Space International Computer Art Forum 2021, elected as one of the TOP 10 Women in AI 2022 by Women in Tech foundation. Her work has been showcased and auctioned worldwide, including Sotheby’s X Burning Man, Frieze, Duran Arte y Subastas, Ars Electronica Garden NYC, Stratosphere Beijing, Crypto Art Week Asia, Athens Digital Art Festival, CAFA, Art Basel Miami and more.

Ivona Tau


Brendan Dawes

Brendan Dawes is a UK based artist using generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms, to create interactive installations, electronic objects, online experiences, data visualisations, motion graphics and imagery for screen and print. A Lumen Prize and Aesthetica Art Prize Alumni, his work has been auctioned at Sotheby's and Christies and featured in many exhibitions across the world including Big Bang Data in thirteen cities, three MoMA shows in New York together with his Cinema Redux work becoming part of the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art in 2008.

Brendan Dawes


Glitch of Mind

GLITCHOFMIND (Leonel Piccardo) is a 3D and Digital Fashion Artist from the Dominican Republic based in The Netherlands. His visual artwork is characterized by his blend of character designs and digital fashion with visual symbolism, and storytelling that explores themes of identity, self-awareness, and Afro-surrealism.

In 2024 he founded INTERLÔR Atelier, a digital fashion house that explores the intersection of nature and technology to create avant-garde biolux design with a focus on innovative nature-based materials. In 2024, he was featured in HUG100 Artist to Watch 2024 with judges from MoMa, Christie's, Art Dubai, and more. His work has been featured and exhibited in Vogue, NFTnow, London Fashion Week, Miami Art Basel, and in cities across the world.



Orkhan Mammadov

Orkhan Mammadov is a new media artist & creative director, working with a focus on representing eastern culture through innovative art-making methods. Orkhan immersed himself in new media flows in global trends and became fascinated by local youth subcultures to investigate the redemption of history and culture. He examines the alternative conditions of cultural heritage perception with artificial intelligence & generative art. As a primary core of his practice, Orkhan focuses on how the cultural and historical codes integrate a new forward-looking medium, virtual reality, into contemporary views of our everyday life.

Born and raised in Azerbaijan’s culturally rich Ganja city, Orkhan was immersed by his deeply personal interest in digitizing and regenerating cultural heritage. His spatial juxtaposition is a kind of experiment that emerges for the audience, raising questions about the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic implications of artificial visual cultural artifacts. By strong research-based practice, Orkhan’s works unquestionably display the significance of the traditions and history to understanding and caring for the legacy of tangible and intangible heritage assets from Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

Internationally he is recognized for his cultural data sculptures and dynamic carpet installations, which explore the alienation and escapism felt by a disaffected and displaced culture that casts itself as a fictional but physical element. The interplay between virtual and real worlds, utopia and dystopia, and the body and technology would remain major themes for Orkhan as his cultural commentary became increasingly pointed. Orkhan exhibited at several international biennales, festivals, and fairs, including Venice Biennale, Italy (2019), B3 Biennale of Moving Images, Frankfurt, Germany (2022), Art Dubai in UAE (2022), Art Basel in Miami, USA (2021), Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennale in Moscow, Russia (2019), Nasimi Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan (2018), Gamma Festival in ST. Petersburg, Russia (2018), IF Istanbul International Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey (2017), ACCU Festival in Prague, Czech Republic (2017), Dave Festival in Dresden, Germany (2017).

Orkhan Mammadov



Vratislav Pecka (A.K.A. PosterLad) is a Czech artist whose work breathes new life into the traditional medium of posters. Pecka sees posters as a form of fine art, and his minimalist designs are visually stunning, captivating and delighting viewers. His success is all the more remarkable considering he originally planned to pursue a career in film. However, his passion for graphics won out, and he established himself as a graphic designer. In 2016, Pecka started the PosterLad project on Instagram. Ever since then, he made around 900 artworks which he sells as prints as well as NFTs at SuperRare.

PosterLad's artworks work have been exhibited around the world both physically and also virtually: The PosterLad cryptoart pieces were featured at The Burnt auction, France's first NFT auction, among the likes of Beeple, Fewocious, Larva Labs, and XCopy. His work was a part of NFT.NYC 2023 in New York as well as NFTs What the F**k in Andorra in 2022. He received a handful of major design awards for his traditional work.

For PosterLad, it's all about creating beauty and inspiring others. Influenced by the Bauhaus school, his goal is to visually impress his audience and find a balance between colors and composition in each of his posters.



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The Art

The goal of this project is to reflect on art that transcends convenient boundaries including the very limits of human existence. This is a seminal project. It will attempt to examine art within the cosmos of creative forces. It will establish a collective benchmark locked in the blockchain, a reference point for generations to come.

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Richard is an artist much like any artist with a sense of adventure and a will to explore, until you consider his preternatural belief in the creative potential. Most of his professional career has been associated with museums. There were 20 years of history museums with emphasis on the past and 21 years of looking to the future while the Exhibits Manager at the Spencer Museum of Art. Hereafter The Art is in many ways the culmination of these experiences.




Jana graduated from Arts Management. For 10 years, she has been producing solo and collective exhibitions and multi-genre projects under the NGO Inter-Art. For 6 years, she has been a project manager and copywriter in leading Prague creative & digital studios. Her expertise is mainly in curatorship, conceptualization and copywriting. She is co-founder of digital art collective NFTense and NFT collection The Divergents.



Head of partnerships

Jan is an architect, PhD candidate in architecture and co-founder of the emerging DVRG platform, which will cultivate the NFT sphere and empower artists to establish themselves in it. Jan's key skills are anchored in networking and connecting the seemingly incompatible. As a former athlete, Jan understands the essence of creation and its path to the goal.



Graphic designer

Lukáš graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture. He is a graphic designer passionate about working on creative projects. In 2020, he launched the online project Obrazohled, which sells original art prints from both emerging and established Czech and Slovak contemporary artists under curatorial supervision. Lukáš is passionate about his art installation "Rozbřesk” (Sunrise), a personal celebration of plants, light, sounds and darkness.



Full Stack Developer

Vojtěch is a co-founder and the driving force behind Artiffine's development. He is an experienced full stack developer in everything from blockchain to backend to React and UX/UI, and seamlessly manifests project visions into reality.



Legal specialist

Jan is a co-founder and legal specialist at Artiffine. As a Ph.D. in IT/IP law, he focuses on licensing schemes, compliance, and all related legal agenda. He also addresses these issues on a high level as part of the Harvard NFT Task Force.



Web3 Expert

Martin is the CEO and co-founder of Artiffine. He leads the company, shapes its direction, and is the driving force behind its vision. He has been actively involved in web3 since 2020 and has helped launch hundreds of successful projects.




Michelle is a curator, visual artist and academic researcher. She has curated several web3 projects as well as co-curated an international art exhibition Prague Biennale. In her artistic practice she is focused on new media, combining analog and digital art. As a researcher she is currently engaged in a research on Synesthetic Experience from Immersive Art Exhibitions.

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